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Staff Abuse of Nursing Home Patients is a Troubling Reality in Illinois

The employees of nursing homes and long term care facilities are required by law to care appropriately for their patients. This can include assisting patients with movement, providing the appropriate medications as the appropriate times, and addressing any needs that arise. Under no circumstances should an employee or staff member of an Illinois nursing home act with disregard or even malice towards a patient or that patient’s safety as doing so would not only violate the standard of care required but also several state laws.

Yet every day, nursing home abuse happens here and the patients of these facilities are the ones left to suffer. This abuse and neglect can cause physical and emotional injuries, can lead to unnecessary suffering and anguish among patients, and can have a substantial effect for the remainder of a victim’s life.

Elder abuse is believed to be widely underreported in Illinois and across the country for several major reasons. First, many victims are not in a position to complain or to seek help as they depend upon their caretakers for most, if not all, aspects of their daily lives. Second, elder abuse is not well publicized and does not garner much media attention which leads some victims to not understand the importance of reporting the misconduct they suffer. Finally, some victims are not capable of realizing they are being harmed or may have mental deficiencies that prevent them from comprehending the neglect which will prevent them from coming forward and will put the onus on a family member to notice and report the mistreatment.

In Illinois, abuse takes many common forms. When it comes to light, incidents involving physical harm, medical neglect, the failure to aid a patient in need, lack of proper nutrition, and the withholding of necessary medications are some of the instances that are reported.

The Department of Health and Human Services has reported that the victims of elder abuse face a 300 percent higher risk of death when compared to those who are not abused and that being the victim of abuse causes an elderly patient’s psyche’s to suffer. Abuse victims are more likely to experience a worsening of preexisting medical conditions and experience new medical conditions at a higher rate than those who are not abused.

If you suspect that someone you love has been the victim of elder abuse or neglect in an Illinois nursing home, long term care facility, or hospital, you may be entitled to legal relief that can address the suffering experienced by your loved one. From medical expenses to loss of a normal life, a civil claim for damages can help your family move forward after abuse and towards a path of recovery.

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