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Playing a Role in a Nursing Home Patient’s Care

Odds are that you have known someone in the past, know someone presently, or will know someone soon who resides in a nursing home. As America continues to age, the demand for skilled nursing care and for long-term care facilities will explode, placing greater demand on a system to support our elderly citizens. But how much do you know about nursing homes and the rights of patients who reside there? If you think a decision to place a loved one in a nursing home will be the last major decision you make about their care, the odds are that you are mistaken and that placement in a facility will just be the first of many tough choices to cross your path.

Few people realize that they have options when it comes to the care and treatment that their family members receive in an Illinois nursing home. They understand that some homes may focus on certain ailments or specialize in certain disabilities, but beyond those qualities, they may not know that they can have a choice. However, federal laws and some state regulations ensure that patients receive both the care they need and care that fits their personal objectives, meaning that family members, loved ones, and patients themselves can all have a say in the treatment received.

The issues facing any patient in a care home or facility will vary as much as the patients themselves. Some will need assistance with all aspects of their daily lives while others will need help only in one or more areas. In response, the care provided to these residents should vary based upon the residents’ needs and should be tailored individually, as well as adjusted as necessary.

The preferences of patients should be respected and treated with great care as it should never be forgotten that these residents are individuals who deserve to be met with compassion in all moments of their lives.

If you have someone you love in an Illinois nursing home, know that you can speak up with regard to their care. You may be able to express preferences related to meals, medication, and overall care that your loved one receives so that he or she is as happy and comfortable as possible. Also know that some aids commonly used in nursing homes, like feeding tubes and restraints, can only be utilized when absolutely necessary and never simply to make an employee’s job easier. When used inappropriately, these devices may be a form of nursing home abuse or neglect.

The bottom line is that steps should always be taken to provide care for nursing home residents and not to ease the work that falls upon the shoulders of home employees and owners.  If you do not feel your loved one has been treated appropriately and you believe injuries resulted from a lack of care, you and your loved one may have a valid claim for your damages.

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