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Chicago Nursing home lawyers reach $300,000 settlement

Nursing home abuse & neglect attorneys at Abels & Annes, working with co-counsel, have reached a $300,000 settlement with a Chicago area nursing home due to the negligent care of one of it’s residents.

The plaintiff had been admitted to a nursing facility in September, 2008 after having suffered a stroke which left her with right side paralysis and very little mobility. With a patient who has such limited mobility it is necessary for the residential healthcare provider to beware of the risk of pressure sores and ulcers and to take preventative measures to stop such injuries from occurring. The steps to be taken would include, but not be limited to, regularly turning and moving the patient, the use of float pillows. When admitted, she did not have any sores or pressure ulcers.

Nonetheless, within several weeks records indicate that there was blanchable redness on her heals and instructions were given to inspect the patient’s heels on a weekly basis. In addition to her immobility upon admission, this was the home’s second warning of the potential risk of bed sores and that she was not being given the care she needed.

The plaintiff’s son became concerned that she was not being turned enough and complained several times to the attendants on duty, the nurses on duty as well as to the Director of Nursing.

Over the next few months, despite many warning signs, the plaintiff developed significant and painful bedsores that could have been prevented with proper care.

The nursing home was negligent, by and through its employees and agents, in their care of our client. They failed to properly and adequately move and turn her to prevent the formation of a bed sore on her right heel. The defendant failed to properly and adequately monitor her condition. Once the bed sore presented itself the facility failed to properly monitor, care and treat the sore. Finally, they failed to timely seek and obtain additional medical care and treatment of her bedsore.
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