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Surveillance Cameras to be Legal in Illinois Nursing Homes Soon

A movement in several states is starting to take hold to allow the use of cameras inside nursing home patient’s rooms in an effort to ensure transparency about the type of care received. Encouraged by advocates and organizations against nursing home abuse, these cameras serve to record the activity that goes on inside a patient’s room that otherwise may go unnoticed, whether the conduct is positive or negative.

As the national population continues to age and those in Illinois and across the country place a greater demand on long term care facilities, issues related to their safety gain greater prominence in national debates with many wondering what more could be done. This week, Illinois took a step towards securing greater care for its nursing home residents when Governor Bruce Rauner signed a new law. The law will allow camera placement in nursing home rooms so that family members can monitor the care their loved ones receive.

There was significant public support for the bill, which becomes active on January 1, including among Attorney General Lisa Madigan who called for the bill’s enactment.

Not everyone was in favor of the new measure with some opponents raising privacy concerns over the cameras, particularly when in use in rooms with multiple residents. Detractors argued that many residents would not be capable of giving consent to the cameras’ placement and therefore family members may be acting without the patient’s preferences in mind. Others claimed that assent by one roommate would not be sufficient to guarantee assent by all.

In the end, both houses of Illinois congress passed the measure with certain safeguards in place. Though the law takes effect in January, officials note that it will be the responsibility of patients and/or their family members to pay for the cameras.

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